Home News “Very nice” is the new advertising campaign
Home News “Very nice” is the new advertising campaign
“Very nice” is the new advertising campaign

The phrase “Very nice” used by the film character Borat is a new advertising campaign organized by Kazakh Tourism NC.

As you might remember, the first Borat film caused outrage in Kazakhstan and was banned from showcase by the government of the country in 2006. Kazakhstani viewers denounced the film's portrayal of their country, claiming that it was full of offensive stereotypes and negative behavior by the main character.

As the second Borat film has just been premiered, the country's tourism board embraced it as a perfect opportunity for the marketing and promotion of the destination. It has released a number of short advertisements that highlight the country's scenery and culture. The main point is that people in the video use Borat's catchphrase "Very nice!".

The campaign includes four promotional videos that show tourists exploring Kazakhstan's local food, beautiful landscapes, bustling markets, and cities. 

The response from social media users has been positive with many saying advertisements capitalize on the film and send a positive message.

Now you can check it for yourself. Enjoy!