Home News #VenuesNS: Rixos President Astana
Home News #VenuesNS: Rixos President Astana
#VenuesNS: Rixos President Astana

Today in the #VenuesNS section, we are pleased to introduce the congress opportunities of the Rixos President Astana.

Rixos President Astana is one of the first hotels opened in the Nur-Sultan compliant with all international standards, which has 184 comfortable rooms. 

The hotel has all facilities for comfortable business and leisure trips. It has a variety of conference rooms designed specifically for business meetings, conferences, and forums, as well as refined and luxurious rooms for various events. 

Zheruiyk (495 m2), Al-Farabi (305 m2), Shanyrak (165 m2), Orda (105 m2), and D Hall (110 m2) have a capacity of 20 to 500 people. However, due to restrictions and new standards introduced during the pandemic, the capacity of the halls has been reduced. 

Spacious and cozy lobby will be a great place for small business meetings, business negotiations with an overall capacity of up to 100 people.

Otau (17m2), Bodrum (62 m2), and Azhar (56 m2) are suitable for holding trainings, presentations, seminars, and business meetings that can accommodate an average of 20 people.

Address: Nur-Sultan, Kunayev str., 7
Contacts: +7(7172)245050
3D tour of the hotel is available here: https://www.nursultancb.com/VR/RixosPresidentAstana/index.html#pano3753/-0.3/22.1/48.3