Home News #VenuesNS: Nomad City Hall
Home News #VenuesNS: Nomad City Hall
#VenuesNS: Nomad City Hall

Today in the #VenuesNS, we are pleased to introduce the congress facilities of Nomad City Hall.

Nomad City Hall is a multi-purpose stage venue. The total area of the building is about 8,658.3 sq. m., its large hall is designed for 861 seats: 566 are located on the first floor, 116 seats are placed on the second-floor balcony, and 179-on the third-floor balcony.

Thanks to the technology of the rotating floor and stage, the venue for cultural and entertainment events turns into a venue for international congresses, forums, conferences, symposiums, official meetings, plenary sessions, panel sessions, receptions, and banquets.

The venue is located on the territory of the EXPO-2017 Exhibition Complex at the foot of the Nur-Alem Sphere, has access from the parking lot and a central VIP entrance.

On December 10, 2018, the Azerbaijan Mambetov State Drama and Comedy Theater, which is the first comedy theater in Kazakhstan, was based on Nomad City Hall.

Address: Nur-Sultan, Mangilik Yel Str., 55/2 (V2.3)
Contact: 8 775 284 02 96, +7 7172 33 65 82
3D tour of the Nomad City Hall is available here: https://www.nursultancb.com/VR/NomadCityHall/index.html#pano17617/0.0/0.0/90.0