Home News MICE industry training with Igor Kovacevic, November 12-13, 2019
Home News MICE industry training with Igor Kovacevic, November 12-13, 2019
MICE industry training with Igor Kovacevic, November 12-13, 2019

On the first day of the training, he introduced the audience to the basics of the meeting industry and shared his personal experience in promoting and developing new destinations. Igor has been working in tourism for 15 years, 12 of which he leads the Serbia Convention Bureau. When he joined the team, the Bureau did not have much influence on the market, but over the years of its work, Belgrade, under the guidance of the Convention Bureau, has turned into an event center for MICE tourism, where major congresses and conferences are held, and more than 10 million dollars have been earned this year alone.

It is important to consider two questions: “What is unique about this destination?” and “Why should delegates choose it?” while promoting the destination.

He noted that the modern tourist is spoiled by the service, the sights, and thus classic understanding of the tourism product is no longer relevant. Guests no longer travel to visit museums, swim in rivers and lakes, stay in certain hotels - they have become more experienced and more complex. Due to technological progress, distances ceased to play a role and emerging destinations appear in the search of new feelings and experiences. Therefore, it is time for stakeholders to change the basic concept of tourism from the travel industry to the industry of experience, inspiration and being different.

On the last day of the MICE industry training, we discussed how to work with associations and how to apply for a bid to hold an event.

The bid application is one of the strongest methods of destination promotion: it presents itself, as well as its capabilities and potential.

To submit a successful application, you need to know your market, WHAT the destination can offer, know your competitors and derive your unique advantage. Just like the DMC (Destination Management Company), you need to determine your development and promotion priorities and understand your target audience.

Also, Igor noted that significant results in bidding can only be achieved through the joint actions of all tourism stakeholders. After all, only through the combined efforts of a convention bureau, representatives of the hotel and restaurant businesses, local universities, government agencies, service companies, etc. it will turn out to increase the popularity of the destination and develop the tourism market.

We hope that you discovered new things and the training helped you find motivation and inspiration for further work.