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Home News Qazaqstan Translation Forum-2020
Qazaqstan Translation Forum-2020

Dear colleagues,

Аssociation of Translators, Interpreters, and Translation Companies (APTITC) is organizing the first large-scale Qazaqstan Translation Forum-2020 on June 12-13, 2020.
The main purpose of the event is to introduce the dynamically developing and competitive translation industry of Kazakhstan to the international arena.
This Forum is planned to become the largest and annual platform for professionals in the translation industry. In the first year, 500 participants are expected: representatives of the largest companies, international industry associations of the countries of the near and far abroad, as well as the largest employers, government agencies.
The main topics will be the introduction and distribution of the Kazakh language, the use of technologies in translations, training and certification of translators and translation agencies, as well as much more.
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