Home News The profile of Kazakhstani tourist by INDY GUIDE
Home News The profile of Kazakhstani tourist by INDY GUIDE
The profile of Kazakhstani tourist by INDY GUIDE

Our colleagues from INDY GUIDE presented the profile of Kazakhstan tourist for 2020. It is expected to help local tourism industry companies better understand the needs of travelers and generate relevant tourism products.

All data was obtained from indy-guide.com, based on information from 7,000 guests.

The study has shown that the important tourist products of Kazakhstan are its cultural heritage, nature and people. Accordingly, the most popular entertainment was hiking and horse riding, allowing you to get acquainted with the country's natural resources, alongside cultural exchange with the local population, as well as living in a traditional nomad house - a yurt. The city of Almaty, the Charyn Canyon, the Kolsai and Kayindy lakes, as well as the Altyn-Emel National Park, are among the most popular places in Kazakhstan.

It is interesting that 46% of visitors to Kazakhstan prefer to combine travel to our country with visits to neighboring Central Asian countries. 30% of tourists combine their trips with a visit to Kyrgyzstan, 19% combine to Uzbekistan, and 14% of them prefer Tajikistan.

Finally, solo traveling is becoming a new trend around the world, which also affected the inbound tourism of our country.

Most of the respondents (41%) came to Kazakhstan together with their couples or alone (34%). The average group size is 3 people. The majority of visitors were from Europe (47%), mainly from the United Kingdom, Germany, and Poland. In the Asian region, travel to the heart of central Asia is popular with citizens of Hong Kong, the UAE, and Singapore.

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