Home News Updated international flight schedule
Home News Updated international flight schedule
Updated international flight schedule

The new schedule of international flights, taking into account the reduction, is published on the website of the Ministry of industry and infrastructure development. Starting from October 26, international flights will be operated to 11 countries: Turkey, South Korea, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Belarus, Germany, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, and the Russian Federation. 

Air travel is possible on 20 routes with a frequency of 70 flights per week. In particular, the following are available from the capital:

1) Nur-Sultan-Dubai-Nur-Sultan (Air Astana - 3 times a week, Fly Dubai - 3 times a week);

2) Nur-Sultan-Frankfurt-Nur-Sultan (Air Astana - 3 times a week);

3) Nur-Sultan-Minsk-Nur-Sultan (Belavia - 4 times a week);

4) Nur-Sultan-Sharm El-Sheikh-Nur-Sultan (SCAT/Air Astana – 1 time a week);

5) Nur-Sultan-Istanbul-Nur-Sultan (Air Astana - 3 times a week, Turkish Airlines - 3 times a week);

6) Nur-Sultan-Antalya-Nur-Sultan (Air Astana - 2 times a week);

7) Nur-Sultan-Moscow-Nur-Sultan (Air Astana - 1 time a week, Aeroflot - 1 time a week).