Home News The top10 trends impacting and transforming meetings in 2021
Home News The top10 trends impacting and transforming meetings in 2021
The top10 trends impacting and transforming meetings in 2021

The past year has become a serious challenge for the development of all sectors of the economy and social sphere of the regions, but among those most severely affected by the pandemic was the tourism industry.

In this regard, for the recovery of the segment and market preparation, Benchmark Hotels & Resorts the global hotel company has published ten major trends affecting the business travel industry in 2021, which we want to present to you today:

Trend 1) Recovery
The industry is expressing optimism, for the first time since the pandemic began! to date in 2021meeting have reached the highest levels since 2020. As destinations begin to safely open back up, so are the size and quantity of group gatherings.

Trend 2) The hybrid meetings

Conference organizers offer to participants hybrid meetings that allow small meetings to be held while in with remote connections. However, the demand for hybrid meetings is not as strong as might have been expected. It seems the desire to gather in person far surpasses hybrid meetings.

Trend 3) Technology Driver

Bandwidth is technology priority number 1! After that are a property’s virtual meeting capacity, and a dedicated tech support team available at a moment's notice throughout the meeting.

Trend 4) Year of the SMERF.
In 2021, it is all about S.M.E.R.F. business, with a heavy emphasis on social, educational, and religious meetings!

Trend 5) Digital transformation in hospitality

Digital transformation in hospitality is no longer just a trend, but a necessity. Travelers anticipate not just a night at the hotel, but a wide range of services, convenience of booking, and a personalized offer that they will receive at the right time, such as online registration for a conference or a virtual menu in restaurants, etc.

Trend 6) QR codes and contactless menus

The electronic menu by QR is making a massive resurgence in hospitality during the pandemic in the form of hosting a restaurant's digital menu.

Trend 7) Creativity

In 2021, creativity, taste, and sustainability will become important priorities for planning and hospitality. Outdoor dining, starry dining provide a safe, inviting, and socially remote space.

Trend 8) “Quantity matters”

In many destinations, state regulations are restricting the size of events to as little as 10 – 15 people, so understandably average group size in 2021 is smaller.

Trend 9) A Fresh Perspective!

Meeting out of doors has been a fun trend over the past few years. In 2021, it's a necessity. Outdoor spaces are being created where they don't currently exist: ballroom courtyards, resort scenic lawns, and sandy beaches are now meeting rooms for larger groups, as are restaurant terraces, pool decks, outdoor pavilions, and newly installed tented rooms which reimagine the "traditional" meeting room this year.

Trend 10) Partners in Planning

It is important to note that many booking professionals are courteous about the cancellation policy and continue to actively engage with partners.

Bonus Trend - Spirit Through Team Bonding!

Social distance and virtual communication increasingly encourage the desire to get together with the team, which raises the team spirit. In 2021, Teambuilding programs and collective outdoor activities have become popular, for example, hiking, hunting, golf, etc.

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