Home News #VenuesNS: Korme Exhibition Center
Home News #VenuesNS: Korme Exhibition Center
#VenuesNS: Korme Exhibition Center

Today in the #VenuesNS we are pleased to introduce the "Korme" exhibition center!

“Korme” is one of the most modern multifunctional exhibition sites in the country.

Every year it hosts a large number of various events: exhibitions, fairs, forums, and seminars. The total area of the center is 28 000 м2.

One of the large halls of the city for official and business events is the Congress Hall with an area of 1082 m2 and a capacity of 900 people. However, due to the restrictions and new standards introduced during the pandemic, the capacity of the halls has been reduced.

For holding press conferences, briefings, meetings, etc. the exhibition center offers the following conference rooms:

- Conference Hall No. 1, with a capacity of 130 people and an area of 196 m2.

- Conference hall A and Conference hall B have the same area of 140 m2 and the capacity of 80 people.

- Conference Hall В 1/2 with an area of 70 m2 and a capacity of 35 people.

Address: Nur-Sultan, Dostyq Str., 3
Contact: +7 (7172) 524 343
3 D tour of the center is available here: