Home News Visa invitations can be issued online
Home News Visa invitations can be issued online
Visa invitations can be issued online

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is transferring the procedure for obtaining a visa to Kazakhstan through an invitation in electronic format. The procedure can now be completed in 5 days on the visa-migration portal www.vmp.gov.kz. 

To apply for the “Foreigner Invitation” service, a citizen needs to:

- fill out an application form and enter the data of a foreigner;
- through the payment gateway of electronic government pay the state fee (0.5 MCI for each invitee);
- after 5 working days, the applicant’s personal account will receive a 10-digit registration number of the invitation, which must be reported to a foreign citizen;
- a foreign citizen fills out an application on the visa-migration portal, after 15 minutes the foreigner will receive an electronic visa;
- print out an electronic visa and present it to the border guards when passing through passport control at the border of Kazakhstan.

An electronic visa is available for business visas of categories “B1”, “B2” and “B3”, as well as for category “B10” for visas for private purposes.