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Home News Online conference of the International Assembly of Cities
Online conference of the International Assembly of Cities

On July 3, 2020, an online conference of the International Assembly of capitals and major cities (IAG) on "Innovation and Smart city in the fight against the pandemic" was held in Moscow in the meeting room of the CIS Executive Committee under the chairmanship of Altay Kulginov, Chairman of the IAG, mayor of Nur-Sultan.about thirty representatives of cities and international organizations took part in the conference.

Noting the importance of the ongoing changes in connection with the global COVID-19 pandemic, the conference participants focused their presentations on urban practices in the fight against COVID-19, digitalization of measures to combat coronavirus, and strategies for urban development in the post-pandemic period.

Thus, the mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin in his speech noted the rise of IT technologies: distance learning, courier delivery, telemedicine, online pharmacies, non-cash payments, tools for remote work, such as electronic document management and video conferences. The model of providing state and municipal services in Kazakhstan can become an example for other countries, he is sure. Thus, the state program "Digital Kazakhstan" creates conditions for the transition to the digital economy of the future, digitalization has been introduced in medical and educational institutions. Ilsur Metshin also spoke about the project "Open Kazan", which is being implemented in the capital of Tatarstan and helps to solve issues in the housing and utilities sector conveniently and quickly.

Khokim of Tashkent Jahongir Artykkhodzhayev, member of the provisional administration of Riga self-government Alexey Craftov, Deputy mayor of Nur-Sultan Malika Bekturova, and Director of Business Oulu Mr. Juha Ala-Mursula also spoke about the measures taken in cities in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, during the online conference, MAG General Director Vladimir Selivanov took the initiative to install installation in the city of Nur-Sultan, symbolizing the unity of the participating countries in the development of sustainable cities.

Summing up the meeting, the mayor of Nur-Sultan Altay Kulginov noted that the experience of cities that are currently fighting the coronavirus pandemic was interesting and useful to the participants of the conference. "Non-standard decisions are being made to fight for the health and life of our citizens," Altay Kulginov said. "There is a lot to do, but the existing tools are urgently needed right now. In the current environment, not only information transfer but also systematization and acceleration are impossible without innovative digital technologies. It is important to synthesize the experience of the best urban practices and management decisions through it platforms, " the mayor of Nur-Sultan stressed.

At the end of the conference, the mayor of Nur-Sultan announced the main goals of the MAG development concept for 2020-2024, including deepening cooperation to create conditions for sustainable economic development and improving the quality of life, supporting the effective and innovative local government that honestly interacts with citizens; introducing innovative it solutions for high-quality and timely exchange of information and feedback, as well as creating relevant solutions and programs for cooperation between cities in various spheres.