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Home News HPAIR Asia Conference 2019
HPAIR Asia Conference 2019

The conference will be held in Nur-Sultan from 16th to 20th of August. The event is organized by Nazarbayev University, with the assistance of Mayor's office of Nur-Sultan city, Astana Convention Bureau LLP, AIFC Bureau for Continuing Professional Development, the UN Refugee Agency, the international group of companies ERG, Kazzinc LLP and Boston Consulting Group.

The NU won over the universities from Singapore, Japan, China, Taiwan and India which are also competed for the right to hold a conference. The event is significant for the capital, as it has a positive impact on the promotion of the city in the rating of the International Association of Congresses and Conferences (ICCA).

Link to the website of the International Association of Congresses and Conferences - https://www.iccaworld.org/

It is noteworthy that the HPAIR Asia Conference 2019 will be held in Central Asia for the first time and will be held in Nur Sultan in the Year of Youth. The agenda of the event includes six thematic panels: 1) Art, media and culture, 2) Energy and environmental sustainability, 3) Governance and geopolitics, 4) Global markets and economy, 5) Social policy and justice, 6) Science and technology

HPAIR - The Harvard College Project for Asian and International Relations - is the largest student conference under the auspices of Harvard University. The conference was established as a discussion platform for students and young professionals to discuss the most important economic, political and social issues in the countries of the Pacific region and Asia. Since 1991, the conference was held in universities in 12 countries of the world with the involvement of more than 32,000 participants. Among the past speakers of the conference are leaders of countries, famous scientists, Nobel laureates, diplomats, leaders of international organizations.

The conference program can be found on the website - https://hpair.org/asia-conference-2019