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Home News An information system E-Qonaq
An information system E-Qonaq

In the implementation of the state program of development of tourist industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2019-2025, the Ministry of Culture and Sports with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Committee of homeland security has developed an information system E-Qonaq, which allows to automate and optimize the procedure for notifying state bodies about foreigners staying by legal entities and individuals.

E-Qonaq is an information system for collecting and processing data, a register of accommodation and tourist flow. Effective control over migration processes and notification of the migration service about the arrival of foreign tourists online.

It is important to note that since November 1, 123 hotels in Nur-Sultan and Almaty have been registered in the system, which 2023 tourists have received via online service.

This product will improve the welfare of our country and help to improve the tourist image of Kazakhstan.

More information is available on the website http://eqonaq.kz.