Home News The “Touristik Qamqor” will return tourists to Kazakhstan
Home News The “Touristik Qamqor” will return tourists to Kazakhstan
The “Touristik Qamqor” will return tourists to Kazakhstan

According to the statement of the Deputy Prime-Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan YeralyTugzhanov, more than 5,000 Kazakhstani tourists will return home. In connection with the emergency situation around the world, the Administrator of the tourist rights guarantee system “TuristicQamqor” corporate fund, jointly with the authorized body the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, decided to start the process of returning all tourists at the expense of the fund.

It is planned to organize 18 charter flights to 13 countries. The first board was sent on March 17 to take tourists from Goa.

However, it is worth mentioning that the protection of tourists from the “Tourist Qamqor” CF extends only to those with a turcode. Turcode is an 11-13-digit code that is assigned for every tourist by the tour operator before departure.

For all tourists who are abroad, in case of difficulties coming back please, contact the Fund, by going to the website www.fondkamkor.kz and filling out the form “Emergency assistance to tourists”. Also, you can call the hotline number 8 (7172) 27 91 12 or write to WhatsApp: +7701 534 0580.