Home News #VenuesNS:The Martial Arts Palace “Jekpe-Jek”
Home News #VenuesNS:The Martial Arts Palace “Jekpe-Jek”
#VenuesNS:The Martial Arts Palace “Jekpe-Jek”

Today in #VenuesNS, we present the congress facilities of the Martial Arts Palace “Jekpe-Jek”. 

The martial Arts Palace “Jekpe-Jek” has become one of the Nur-Sultan cities' most recognizable landmarks. Moreover, this is the venue for international competitions in martial arts, boxing, wrestling, judo, karate, taekwondo, and weightlifting. ⠀

With a total area of 32,000 m2, the complex has everything you need for an active pastime: 

- Arena. An arena with 5,000 seats. If the lower row of stands can be removed, the arena can be enlarged. There are also areas for the officiating board and VIP guests. A modern press center with 54 workplaces is available for journalists;
- A martial arts hall, a wrestling hall. The area of the martial arts hall is 666.16 m2 and the wrestling hall is 614.2 m2;
- Conference hall. The complex has a conference hall for 70 seats with professional audio and video equipment, climate control, and speaker's rostrum;
- Restaurant. The restaurant can seat up to 100 people.
- The summer football pitch is 1270 sq m. The length is 47 meters, and the width is 27 meters. Natural and artificial light, artificial grass, equipment for games, changing rooms for 20 people.
- The swimming pool has four lanes. A swimming pool is 25 meters long and 12 meters wide;
- Hotel. There are 43 comfortable rooms with fitness and a spa center.

Address: Kabanbay Batyr Avenue 43
Contacts: +7 (7172) 70-25-74