Home News "Kilometre Zero" was placed in Astana
Home News "Kilometre Zero" was placed in Astana
"Kilometre Zero" was placed in Astana

The "Kilometre zero" official opening took place in Astana today.

The "Kilometre zero” in many countries of the world is a unique sign in the center of the capital, representing the starting point for measuring road distances.

This small architectural form has a deep meaning because it symbolizes the Bagana - the hitching post of the nomads. The wheel in the lower part of the structure indicates movement, the beginning of the path, and arrows indicate 17 tourist destinations maintaining warm and friendly relations with Astana.

The author of the stele concept is Atolla Alibekov.

The main sponsors are "Mabco Construction” company.

Representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Mayor’s Office of Astana, the National Company “Kazakh Tourism,” Astana Invest, and representatives of embassies, tourism business, and the media attended the solemn event.

We hope that the "Kilometre Zero" will become one of the iconic attractions and a symbolic link between the cities.

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